Introduction to the Lehigh Valley Museum of Natural History


This is the Lehigh Valley Museum of Natural History ... a virtual museum of natural history!

Natural history is one of the most fascinating sciences and, since the Lehigh Valley has an art museum, an historical center, a zoo, and the Da Vinci Science Center, we thought it needed a natural history museum to round it out.

Through natural history museums you can come as close as is currently possible to actual time travel.

Natural history museums allow you to travel forward and backward through time ...

           you can travel  to the beginning of our solar system

           you can travel  to the time of the dinosaurs

           you can see the first members of the human family tree

           you can see early horses that grew only as large as an average dog

           you can travel  back into time and see some of the first animals with eyes

Since the Lehigh Valley doesn't have a "brick & mortar" natural history museum, these pages will present an online natural history museum presenting remnants and fossils from the beginning of the solar system up through the emergence of modern man.

We will have text and photos.  The photos will be of actual fossils where possible.  When the actual fossils are not available we will use accurate reproductions or casts of fossils.

We will present information and text about meteorites, the earliest forms of life, life before the dinosaurs, dinosaurs, and life after the dinosaurs up through the evolution of man.

If you do not see something here that you have questions about, please e-mail us and ask.  If we do not know the answer, we will try to find it.

We welcome additions to this site.

We also welcome corrections to this site as well as clarification wherever it may be needed.

We hope you will find something of interest and, when you do, we encourage you to visit an actual natural history museum and view some of these incredible fossils "in the flesh".

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