Sites We Recommend


Here are a few sites we recommend:


American Museum of Natural History

New York City

What else can be said about natural history?  They have it ALL!

Whether you enjoy astronomy, minerals, meteorites, dinosaurs, human origins, whatever!

If you go - and you should go - and you never get lost ... you haven't seen everything!

The cream of the crop.


Academy of Natural Sciences

Philadelphia, PA

Our local version of the New York model on a less overwhelming scale.

If you want to stay away from the big city, this is your natural history museum of choice. ... And it isn't far from the Franklin Institute - the home of sciences for all ages!

For the Academy of Natural Sciences go to:


Da Vinci Science Center

The Da Vinci Science Center our local science center in Allentown, PA for all ages.

Some of the exhibits are:

    Watch Water Freeze where you can watch as ice crystals form

    Pet a Sea Creature - you can actually pet a starfish or horseshoe crab

    Explore the Geology of the Region - see local rock types and their fossils

    Age of the Dinosaurs - actual fossils and reproductions

These are just a sampling of the many hands-on exhibits within this science center.

Go to their website:


Reading Public Museum

The Reading Public Museum is a gem for all ages.

Some of the exhibits are:

    natural history - small but nice

    American Indian culture

    the ancient world which includes some actual cuneiform tablets

    a real mummy with a video of a scan they had done

These are just a sampling of the many exhibits within this center.

Go to their website:


These are a few of the resources that are nearby.

Check out these web sites:

Enchanted Learning

An excellent web site for dinosaurs, astronomy, etc.

There are printable coloring books, dinosaur jokes, and information pages for any age.Go to their website:


Dinosaur Dental Discoveries

Information about the types of dinosaur teeth and what they tell you about the dinosaur.

Go to their website:   



The Smithsonian

Where else but a national museum for loads of natural history.

Ideally you will visit but, until then, this site will certainly wet your appetite.

Go to their website:


University of California Museum of Paleontology

An incredible resource!

Information for everyone including teacher resource/lessons.  You will probably spend a lot of time on this site.

Go to their website:


Science Rocks!

The most complete traveling natural history museum.

This traveling museum goes to schools in the eastern Pennsylvania area giving presentations to students from elementary age on up.

The museum has fossils covering all time eras from the Precambrian through the Cenozoic.